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Neurogenic Yoga and TRE Dual Certification Program - Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2020

We are excited to announce our 2020 Mid-West Neurogenic Yoga & Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) Global Certification Program!

You will be expertly guided through two face-to-face training modules facilitated by Neurogenic Yoga and TRE Trainer, Jennica Mills. Plus, one-on-one online supervisions designed to deepen your experience and provide you with professional feedback as you integrate Neurogenic Yoga and TRE into your personal and professional practice. 

We look forward to an exciting yearlong journey with you! 

Module 1: August 15th-18th, 2020 (Sat-Tues)
Module 2: November 5th-8th, 2020 (Thurs-Sun)

*You must commit to attending both Module 1 and Module 2 of this training in order to be admitted to this program. 


*Note we will finish at 5PM on the last day of both modules. Please secure flights and travel to accommodate our schedule.

Inner Light Yoga Studios
9207 W Center Street
Milwaukee, WI 53222


Earliest Bird:
Full payment for both modules by July 15th, 2020: $1,300 (Save $100-$250)

Payment Plan Option:
Module 1: $700 by July 30th, 2020, $775 after
Module 2: $700 by October 15th, 2020, $775 after

*Must be paid prior to the start of each face-to-face module. 
*Online supervisions are paid for at the time of the supervision session. Click here for information about total costs for supervisions.

Please send all of your questions and application information via email to Jennica Mills at Jennica@NeurogenicYoga.com. Questions by phone or text (480) 223-8686. 


April 2nd-May 14th, 2020 - San Diego, CA
Slow Sex: Redefining the Meaning of Sex - 7 Week Series  Thursdays 7-9PM

Unlock your sexual potential in this 7-week living laboratory.

This series will guide you through key steps to slowing down, feeling more rather than thinking, and discovering your unique sexual expression. Explore tools and embodiment practices anchored in the science of pleasure, your nervous system and neo-tantra.

Your body is built for slow experiences that are easy to integrate, rather than the "race to the finish line" kind of mentally that we've been conditioned to accept.
Alone or with a partner, these practices will set you up for more sensitivity, sensuality and satisfaction for more aliveness. Redefine the meaning of sex and elevate the quality of your life through conscious lovemaking.

7 week series: April 2nd (Open Class), April 9th, April 16th, April 23rd, April 30th, May 7th, May 14th.

7PM-9PM weekly


Join us for the entire series and enjoy early bird pricing ($300 for 7 weeks)! Or join us April 2nd for an "open class" ($50). This means you can get a taste of the series on the first night and then decide if you would like to participate in the whole series. Starting April 9th, the series is a closed group. See more details...


What to expect from this experience:

Weekly practices designed to awaken your natural sensuality and sexual expression.
A safe container for discovering your sensual and sexual uniqueness, rather than what society or past partnerships have taught you about yourself.

A deeper understanding of the energetics, physiology, and anatomy of stress and arousal.
The science of pleasure and how to access it on a daily basis.

Powerful neo-tantra techniques designed to tune in to and awaken the sex centers in the body for greater vitality and wellbeing.

Embodiment practices geared for relaxing the nervous system and releasing tension patters that hold us back from experiencing our true essence.

Live music mindfully crafted for a deeper connection with your sensual self.


Q: Do I need to bring a partner?
A: No. This series is designed for people with or without partners. We will be offering solo practices and opportunities to partner with other participants if you desire. That said, honoring your own boundaries throughout the experience is of the utmost importance and will be encouraged.

Q: Will I be required to work with a partner?
A: No. While there will be opportunities to pair up with a partner, you will always have a choice in your level of participation. Simply put, you are in charge. You are invited to participate to whatever degree feels comfortable for you in every moment.

Q: Is this experienced clothed, unclothed, or partially clothed?
A: This experience is fully clothed.

Q: Will I be guided to touch another participant's genitals or to have mine touched?
A: No. While there are touch based exercises where you will have the opportunity to pair up with another participant, none of these will be genital focused. You will be guided to discuss and revisit boundaries throughout the workshop.

Q: What if I have to miss a class?
A: We welcome you to sign up for the series, even if you have to miss a class or two. We'll encourage you to connect with other classmates to learn about materials that were missed while you were out of class.

Your Guides:

Jennica Mills, MSW, E-RYT


Jennica's extensive work in somatic (body-based) therapies, trauma recovery and sexual wellness gives way to a unique perspective on how we can experience physical, emotional, and mental freedom. She has a private practice in San Diego where she facilitates somatic trauma release, sexual wellness coaching and sacred sexuality through ancient Tantric practices and modern day sexology.

Soleiman Bolour


Soleiman is an intimacy and mindset coach getting his clients tuned in, tapped in, and turned on. He works with his clients in seeing their ideal future and working back from that vision. He believes if you don't know where you are going, you are following life instead of leading life. He brings together 15 years of Neo-Tantra studies, personal growth, and psychology to bring a beautiful blend of masculine and feminine energies. Soleiman hopes to inspire and awaken others to discover their ideal future.

Your Songstress: Sita Rose, MT-BC, RYT


Sita Rose is a mindful musician, based in San Diego, CA. She is an expressive performer skilled at crafting melodic medicine derived from the heart. She draws from her extensive background as a board certified music therapist, energy healer, and yoga teacher to elevate consciousness and promote peace.

Registration: Our registration table will be open at 6:15PM for you to check-in, and doors open at 6:30PM. There will be live music by Sita Rose from 6:30-7:00PM. The class officially starts at 7PM sharp.

What to bring: Please bring a blanket and a pillow or zafu to sit comfortably on the floor.

What to wear: Your full expression is welcome and encouraged! You are invited to dress in something comfortable that makes you feel good.

Parking: There is a small amount of parking infront of the venue. Also, the hotel next door offers parking to our participants. Street parking is also available. Please arrive at least 20 minutes early to the venue to secure parking.


April 5th, 2020 - Encinitas, CA - Shake it off! 11:00AM-1:00PM

Nurture your body with practices designed to unlock long held tension patterns and rediscover your innate ability to shake off stress.

What to expect from this workshop:

  • Gentle yoga movement designed to relax the body and mind, balance the nervous system, and soften key stress muscles in the body.

  • Easy to learn breath techniques for releasing physical tension.

  • Awaken the body’s innate ability to heal through gentle self-induced vibration.

Treehouse Kitchen 
950 Saxony Rd, in Encinitas, California.
Easy access just off the 5 Freeway with ample parking on Sundays.

Cost: $40

Logistical information and registration:

Click here to register! Or call 760-586-0001

Foster authentic connection with self and others by expanding your capacity for experiencing and expressing your unique beingness. 
Neurogenic Yoga™ is a revolutionary technique in trauma healing, tension release, and stress reduction.

TRE® is being used by thousands of people around the world as an effective tool for releasing chronic traumatic stress, physical tension and emotional trauma. 
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