What people are saying...
From Deborah M.

“Jennica, thank you so much for your healing guidance! You were so patient and clear during the whole process. I received so much healing and validation for what I had been going through. My physical symptoms were completely gone by the next day! My energy level has been great as well. I really felt like I could open up an let the process of transformation flow, supported by you, guides, spirit and my higher self. Thank you.

From Lynn Kay, Spiritual Consultant 

“When I first met Jennica I knew there was something special about her – she is a wonderful person. After having a session by Jennica, I realized she has an amazing spiritual gift. Jennica was able to identify the issues I needed to address and offered practical ways to assist me in doing them. Most of all she was able to reveal, on a deep level, those soul aspects of myself to me which I needed to further my spiritual journey. From my heart, I am and will forever be grateful for meeting her, and being able to experience her divine abilities. I have and will continue to highly recommend Jennica to my clients."

From Julie, R. 

“Jennica is by far the best instructor I have ever had.  She takes time to get to know each student’s objectives and limitations.  She is skilled at teaching students of different backgrounds and levels within the same class.  She is very intuitive, knowing when to increase/decrease the level of challenge and how to help students make adjustments and modifications when needed.  Her instructions are clear and the descriptive language that she uses to explain poses has helped me to get much more out of my practice.  I have recommended Jennica’s classes to several friends and each one has told me that she was the best instructor that they had practiced with.”    

From Sarah D.

“I wanted to touch base with you after the really amazing workshop you facilitated. It was perfect timing for me. I have had in immensely stressful year, and also have been doing some work around my own PTSD surfacing recently. Really deep, really intense stuff. Emotional roller coasting, but also gaining deeper insight to myself, and also the divine within.

But  I wanted to say “WOW”-I have felt a dramatic shift in my body, being, and mind since the workshop. I have to admit, I can be a bit skeptical about new things-fear of being vulnerable, and residual trust issues and all that neat stuff. However, I made an intention to be fully open and have an experience during the workshop-and that I did! The results have been amazing. I am less afraid to be myself. I usually have tension in my neck and shoulders, and that completely went away instantly. I feel like I can take deeper breaths, and my emotions are way less scary-I can stay present with them, which has always been hard for me to do. What a gift:) I have tremored once since the workshop and plan to incorporate more of it into my practice. So, thank you for being passionate about your Practice and bringing Neurogenic Yoga into the world. You are very knowledgable, sincere, open, and gracious. It was great to meet you and to experience that.”

From Tara K
“The workshop was fascinating to me. You gave a very informative presentation of the history of neurogenic yoga and led us into the practice in a comfortable and relaxing way. As a yoga instructor myself, everything you did was in line with the typical flow of one of my gentle yoga classes and adding the tremoring was like you said, “a perfect marriage”. I want to learn more!

By the way, you are an absolutely beautiful person! I appreciated your depth of knowledge of your subject, and your delivery of the subject with your lovely sense of humor kept my attention and added to the overall enjoyment of the workshop. You are just a doll. Thank you for a pleasant and thought provoking afternoon.”
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